Workforce Single-Family Rentals

SouthEast Opportunity Zone (SEOZ) is a real estate investment fund focused exclusively on low to moderate income residential housing in qualifying properties approved in the 2017 Tax Act in the Central Alabama market. We identify, acquire, renovate, lease – and from time to time dispose of – housing units through entities owned and controlled by Rising Tide.

Rising Tide Homes LLC (RT) was established in 2014 to purchase, renovate, rent, manage and potentially sell single- family rental homes in the central Alabama low to moderate income market. Rising Tide is a vertically-integrated, technology-enabled real estate investment company which is uncommon in the residential single-family rental market. RT seeks to provide a pathway to home ownership for Birmingham residents. RT believes the integrated approach will result in consistent housing unit and tenant quality, while reducing vacancy rates and driving down leasing and turnover costs.

  • Rising Tide currently owns and operates:

    • 400+ single family residences

    • 15 construction crews

    • Internal Team of seasoned leasing agents

    • 30+ property lead generators

    • Less then 2% vacancy rate