Grocery Store

Western and Eastern Birmingham

The City of Birmingham (COB) is working with MTN advisors to identify sites for grocery store investments across Birmingham. The COB envisions a creative capital stack that weaves together a debt to equity opportunity zone funding and city investment.

In Western Birmingham, COB is exploring the Crossplex as a potential site for a greenfield development. The Birmingham Crossplex is a $46 million indoor track and aquatic facility that anchors the redevelopment of the Alabama State Fairgrounds near the Five Points West neighborhood. The A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club recently announced plans to construct a new $7 million club house and Starbucks built their 11th community store on the grounds.

This site presents an opportunity for a grocery store to open in a centrally located site, with great access from all directions and a densely populated trade area.

Currently, MTN advisors is conducting a market analysis for this location and others in Western Birmingham. They are also conducting a market analysis in Eastern Birmingham with more information to come.

COB is looking for investors, developers and grocers that may be interested in expanding to Birmingham. Please contact us below to have a conversation.